Oct. 12th, 2011

On Twitter, @MotherJones is usually one of my favorite go-to reads, just as much so as @Alternet, @TomDispatch and some others. However, 4 hours ago they posted a tweet with this article title:

Repealing Obamacare is Harder Than Mitt Romney Thinks

Obamacare? Really, @MotherJones?

That one word is symbolic of all that is wrong with public political discourse today. By reducing such a large, sweeping bill whose impacts on our country will change fundamentally the way we do the business of healthcare in this country to one single word, people who use that word are perpetuating the idea that it's okay to be overly reductionist in our understanding of the way fundamentally important things work, in turn further endorsing and perpetuating the anti-intellectualism that is ruining this country.

Related to this is the trend I've noticed where people do not use the proper title when speaking about President Obama. Many, especially the ones that typically use the bullshit "word" Obamacare, refer to him as simply Obama. At the very least, that's disrespectful. Also possibly lazy, as I've occasionally been guilty of it too, but it implies that he isn't deserving of the title. (Because he's a Marxist Socialist Muslim who was born in Kenya and has a secret plot to bring all Muslims here because he secretly hates America, you know.) And, okay, there was some of that going on during President Bush's second term, and I certainly was guilty of it and I certainly am not apologetic for it, but with President Bush you didn't have the baggage of race and of having a funny sounding name. President Bush was a WASP, which totes makes everything okay, y/y?

Don't misunderstand; I'm no fan of President Obama. From the moment I saw him speak at the DNC in 2004 I immediately distrusted him and knew we'd be seeing him again. I harbored no illusions about him, because no one becomes POTUS with clean hands. However, it's poor form to let your intellectual laziness show like you do when you use the term "Obamacare." It's inflammatory and divisive, as it's meant to be, and @MotherJones, you should know better.



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